VISIONS offers frames for men and women, including hand-made collections, from around the world.  Represented in our international smorgasbord of exciting "gourmet" eyewear are collections from  France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Japan, and the USA.

So get comfortable and join us for a World Tour of our "visionary" collections ~
(no passport required !
We'll start our journey right here in the USA, with the mid-west designed "Northwest 77th" collection, which includes metal and plastic styles, many for more petite faces, as well as Erker, our newest budget-friendly on-trend frames, (which have already been very well received), with styles for men and women.
And speaking of "northwest", it's on to un-dreary "RainCity" eyewear, designed in hip Seattle, WA.
And it doesn't get much more "American" than the iconic brand .That's right, Maui Jim has introduced optical frames with the same high standards as their popular sun-wear, at moderate price points and in classic styles/colors that are simultaneously timeless and yet very on-trend.

Now let's go International ~

Picture yourself in colorful French "convertible"!... By that I mean one of our new customizable frames from ZENKA of France.  Start with one of their deceivingly classic plastic or metal frames, and then completely change the look/personality with a colorful (or not) laser-cut  or printed overlay or topper. -- The concept is amazing and the combinations are endless! Plus they have a polarized sun "clip" available.

>> And new to the ZENKA family are "Details" -- classic metals for men and women that don't have overlays, but rather the ability to change small "detail" trim elements. (Available in January 2019)

Our favorite must-see hand-made collection from France is BOZ, with dramatic metals and colorful plastics that will take your breath away! There are also interesting new styles for men and women from JF Rey and ladies' frames from Volte Face.

Our other hand-made French collections include Yves Cogan which offer metal, plastic, and combination frames for men and women. We continue to have frames from Alain Mikli, known for his fashion-forward edgy designs, and Traction Productions rounding out our major hand-made French collections. Both of these collections are being phased out and are 30% OFF.

Additionally, from Morel (manufacturing eyewear in France since 1880!) are OGA and and sleek LighTech designs for men.

BELGIUM: We've recently added another stop on our "world tour" - Belgium, and the bold sophisticated geometric designs from HENAU. With a wide array of colors/combinations, this plastic collection makes a statement that defines confidence and self assurance.

We have expanded our new and very popular Dutch collection of metal and plastic frames from DUTZ (pronounced "Dootch", as well as adding some sophisticated new metal styles from Ella and Max, all of which have been very well received.  A unique and beneficial feature of many of the DUTZ designs is that there are several styles that combine plastic fronts but also have nose-pads -- a rare combination that fulfills a need for many people.
These collections join the quirky metal Dutch designs from ROGER.

Designed in Denmark, Kliik offers both metal and plastic frames that are especially well suited for smaller faces and fall in the more moderate price points.

New from Northern Italy is Ottica Veneta's LaMarca collection of boldly elegant plastic frames. Absolutely stunning!
In limited supply are our original marquee Italian collection of hand-made metal frames: CasanovaDolceVita, and Taxi.  They are art jewelry for your face, and despite their uniqueness they are timeless and will  be able to be enjoyed for many years to come.  

Also in limited supply are  beautiful frames from Ete' Lunettes, which use feathers in their elegant plastic frames, as well as Coco Song, which also uses feathers or subtle dried-floral elements plus interesting color-combinations and embellishments for their graceful plastic ladies' styles, and CCS, a more whimsical sub-collection from CocoSong. These three collections are also all 30% OFF !
And finally there's Miyagi eyewear, moderately priced frames using premium Italian materials.

The Iberian peninsula has long been the home of adventurers, and Barcelona Spain in particular a mecca for innovative art. Altho' our inventory is currently low (after taking a break during a change in their styling/approach), VISIONS plans to re-introduce the Etnia Barcelona collection of subtlely sophisticated frames in plastic, metal, and inlaid combinations.

You'll say "Eye Gotta Have It!" when you see our private-label collection of CUSTOM plastic frames direct from Germany!!! We guarantee that the amazing color combinations and shapes are like nothing you've ever seen before!...and because they're custom-made for us you're not likely to see them anywhere else but VISIONS!
(Note: As of now we have only about a half-dozen left in stock.)
​​At the other end of the spectrum, Spectacle Eyeworks' edgy metal frames with unique finishes come to us from Germany by way of Canada.
Yet another collection is from VonBogen, with a mix of women's, unisex and men's frames in the lower/moderate price range. A really excellent value for German craftsmanship.
And finally is the collection from Yabi, which, altho' rimless, have bold shapes and temples that mean that they definitely don't disappear!

SOUTH AFRICA:  David Greene frames utilize leaves and reeds in his collection of plastic and combination frames for men and women. Classic styles, understated chic. They are currently in limited supply.

A  beautiful, jewelry-like collection is  Ptolemy48 from Kyoto eyewear --  (Limited availability).
There are also a few Japanese-made frames in the hip contemporary collections of  l.a.EYEWORKS., (The few frames we have left are 30% off!)

And finally from Japan is Kawasaki, the modular, minimalist titanium rimless collections that we have offered since we first opened our doors.  By special order.

CANADA: Spectacle Eyeworks and PussyGalore are our two Canadian collections. Spectacles are bold and edgy (and are made in Germany), and now includes printed metal styles; PussyGalore are, as the name implies, playful variations of the ever-flattering cat-eye shape.
​It should be noted that altho' many of the more moderately priced frames may be manufactured in S.Korea or China, they have committed to using premium materials and safe construction techniques. This commitment is designated by the CE (Central Europe) imprint inside each frame's temple.  

And in case you didn't know~

With virtually all of our Rx collections, we carry only ONE of each style/color combination, and once it's sold, we don't bring it into the inventory again (altho there are occasionally exceptions).  In most cases, for any collection we carry, we can do special orders of styles/colors we don't have in stock, assuming, of course, it's still available.  (Note: All such Special Orders must be Paid in Advance; Also, since many are not inventoried in the U.S. they may not be ordered "On Approval", meaning there can be
 No Returns / No Refunds).

VISIONS' selection of sun-glass frames can be worn "as-is" without Rx or can be fitted with polarized sun-lenses in your Rx. There is a selection of styles for men and women.


VISIONS offers all types of lenses, including a full range of hi-index lenses, including Seiko, (for those who are more "visually challenged"), as well as a variety of anti-reflective lens products, including Zeiss and CRIZALtm, which are all warrantied for up to two years.

In the area of progressive multi-focal lenses, we have access to a wide variety of lens designs/price points.
Our primary recommedations include traditionally engineered lenses as well as digital versions by Seiko, Shamir, Hoya, and Varilux. Also available are excellent proprietary lenses based on these well-known brands, but with more options, and often at a lower price point! 
(Zeiss lenses are available on a limited basis due to distribution changes made by Zeiss.)

Available in virtually every lens design are official Transitions tm lenses  in grey or brown (and in some cases grey-green), as well as UV-protective CRIZAL tm anti-reflective lens products.
NEW!  A new anti-reflective product is now available that offers relief from blue-screen/digital eye-strain. Used in conjunction with Transitions lenses you can now get ALL of the protective (and comfort) benefits in one pair of glasses!
​                                                           ****** 
Rx lenses are custom-cut to fit the frames, with usual turn-around times of one to two weeks. However, all drilled rimless designs are sent out to a specialty lab where turn-around time  is generally one to two weeks. Also,  because of special lens material/processing requirements, lenses prices  for these rimless designs are generally higher than the same Rx in a traditional construction frame.

To help protect their eyewear investment, VISIONS also provides our customers with complimentary co-ordinating hard-cases, lens cloths, and lens spray.

In addition to a selection of lovely hand-made beaded traditional eyeglass "chains", VISONS also offers a limited collection of what we call "Speclaces" .  These are necklaces with a silver ring that allows it to serve as a stylish a place to hang your glasses/sunglasses when you're out-and-about but not wearing them, or as a place to hang your ID badge, etc.  

And for your desk or nite-stand, we recommend/offer eye-glass caddies to keep your glasses safe when you're not wearing them,


             See  The  WORLD ~~