VISIONS always offers a 10% discount on frames for multiple-pair purchases. This can be by a single person or a family group and the second frame should be purchased by the time the first pair is completed and picked-up.).  


 DownTown Frederick has new seasonal themed 1st Saturday events/promotions.

The seasonal themes are:
Spring ~ Hidden Spaces/Cool Places: Downtown Revealed
Summer ~ I Art Downtown
Fall ~ Get It Downtown
Winter ~ Light Up the Night

The big, featured monthly themes are as follows:
January ~ "After-Glow"
February ~   "Fire in Ice"*
May ~  MayFest
NOVEMBER~ Thanksgiving Weekend: Frosty Friday, Small Business Saturday
October ~Spirits of the Season
December*  Holiday Nights

*The 1st Saturday in February is downtown Frederick's spectacular Fire In Ice celebration. Many business have lit ice sculptures in front of their stores, including VISIONS, which has a custom piece that we design and sponsor each year.



"Color MFrederick !"
Eachach month VISIONS features a color-of-the-month by offering a 10% discount on frames in these colors~

Jan.- Clear/Black&White  Feb.- Red/Pink  Mar.- Green
Apr.- Yellow/Gold   May- Purple/Plum  June-White/Silver
July- R/W/Blue  Aug.- Blue/Turquoise Sept-Copper/Orange
Oct.- Black Nov.- Brown/Bronze/Grey/Tortoise Dec.- Red/Green  

Saturday, Dec. 2nd 2017 !

Saturday, Dec 2nd  1:00 - 5:00 (+)
Etnia Barcelona will be here ! --

Great frames for men and women, some available in multiple sizes.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see and choose from 
far more of the style/color combinations than we can ever carry in our regular inventory
 ...AND Enjoy Special show-day discounts!


APRIL = Visionary Opticians' / VISIONS Anniversary in Frederick.
2017= VISIONS' "18th " Anniversary!
Our Thank You gift to our customers is
18% OFF
All In-Stock Frames
4/1/17 Thru 4/18/15.
Come Celebrate with us and Save !

May is "Moms and PromsMonth !
 Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? ~~
Consider a
Magical Optical Make-Over ~
Pretty, Practical, Personal 
** In every way, the Perfect way to celebrate a special MOM  ! **
And we'll make it even better with 10% off all in-stock frames
May 1st thru Sat. May 13th... 
(Mothers' Day is Sun. May 14th!).
We'll split the discount ~ 
~ 10% to Mom and 10% to MADD ~
Buy Mom a VISIONS gift card by Sat. May 13th 
and get a 15% bonus!
($100. = $115. value).
But Mom isn't the only one to save $ in May...
May is also VISIONS' 13th anniversary on Market St.!
That means that everyone else will save 13% on 
In-stock frames thru Sat. May 13th !


"Let Them Eat Cake!"
 You can have your cake and eat it too ~
~ AND save $ !
Join Us for our Bastille Day Sale!
Off with the regular prices on
All French frames !
Mon Dieu!... C'est Vrai!...Tout Alors!
20% off
ALL Active Military AND Veterans

General FYI:

 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
 Health Savings Accounts(HSA)

More and more vision plans are becoming 
more and more restrictive 
regarding the products and services they will cover.
In some cases, most noteably EYEMED,
 there is a direct corporate relationship
 between the vision plan and specific frame companies,
 lens companies and optical retailers (Luxottica/LensCrafters)

If you want more flexibility/control in 
your health/vision care decisions,
the bonus of a tax benefit,
you may want to look into 
whether your employer offers access to either 
Flexible Spending Accounts 
Health Savings Accounts
(which are attached to some high-deductible general health care plans).

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds are for one year only - 
"Use it or Lose it".

 Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars
can generally be rolled over from year to year.
Both plans have the added benefit of having your 
self-determined plan funds deducted from your paycheck 
BEFORE withholding taxes are calculated 
(i.e., a tax savings).

Open enrollment for these plans is generally
in the third month before the end of the fiscal/financial year.
In the commercial business world, that means OCTOBER 
For teachers and Gov't. workers
 it may be in April or May.

See your Human Resources/Personel Dept.
for availability/details.