What makes VISIONS so Special ?

It could be the fact that from the moment you walk thru the door, you've entered an inviting and inspiring environment that promises (and delivers) an unexpectedly  enjoyable eyewear experience... 

...OR, it could be the fact that at VISIONS we use our considerable professional expertise to personally assess your needs and then help create prescription glasses that both cosmetically suit your face and functionally meet your lifestyle and prescription needs... 

...OR, perhaps it's our selection of unique and distinctive frames from around the world -- including hand-made collections -- that are not available in most chains/franchises, or even at most independent shops...

...OR, it could be the fact that we take an extra step to ensure uniqueness by stocking just one of each frame style/color combination and then not re-ordering it once it's sold...

Which means that as a VISIONS customer, you'll get
"An Exclusive Frame That's Exclusively Yours" !

And don't forget the important fact that VISIONS  offers an endless variety of premium brand-name lens products... 

But if all of that's not enough, we can  also generally have your exciting new glasses ready for you in just about two weeks (or less)! 

​Because VISIONS has no doctor on premises, we do not have the billing systems or staffing necessary to be a direct vision plan provider. Howerer that also means that VISIONS is able to offer all of these benefits is because we are not constrained by insurance companies or corporate dictates as to what frame/lens products we can offer or what labs we can use.​ 
That means that VISIONS can accept all Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  [We recommend these plans whenever possible as they offer you, the customer,  total control over the WHY, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, and WHAT of your important  eyeglass purchase. (And presumably still provide a tax benefit).]
But VISIONS realizes that not everyone has access to these preferred FSA/HSA plans.  Some must carry a traditional vision plan. 
But to be a direct provider would be cost-prohibitive, and in some cases ipossible. (VSP requires that the frame dispensary be owned at least 51% by the doctor!)
Therefore,  VISIONS will, upon request (and with proof of an active vision insurance plan) offer up to a 20% discount on Rx glasses.  AND we will continue to provide an itemized receipt or complete any necessary forms for you  to submit for reimbursement. 
(Note: This discount is based on regular prices only and cannot be combined with any other discounts/promotions.)


VISIONS accepts all major Credit/Check cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover), as well as  checks (from  existing customers and for initial deposits from new  customers). 
So, See VISIONS and...
 See What You've Been Missing!

And if you don't believe us, check out what some of our 
wonderful customers have to say
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